Expert's take on Ray Rice the player

No one knows what the status of Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice is for the 2014 season until his legal issue is resolved. But even if he is still playing for the Ravens this season, which Rice is the team getting: The playmaker who totaled over 1,600 yards for four straight seasons or the plodding back who averaged 3.1 yards per carry?

Before Rice's arrest for simple assault, the Ravens' decision-makers publicly supported Rice in terms of him bouncing back from the most disappointing season of his career. ESPN's Matt Williamson, a former NFL and college scout, has his doubts.

"He is a tough evaluation and I am very anxious to see what he looks like in the preseason," Williamson said. "But wow, was he bad last year. Was it just the hip injury? I tend to think we have seen the best of Rice overall and I am not sure he is a great fit in this [Gary] Kubiak scheme either. While he is a great receiver, he is a liability in protection too often and he has logged a ton of touches going back to the heavy workload he had at Rutgers."