Harbaugh in minority on replay proposal

ORLANDO, Fla. -- Baltimore Ravens coach John Harbaugh strongly supports expanding instant replay, but apparently he's in the minority.

The proposal to allow coaches to challenge any official's decision wasn't passed Wednesday at the NFL owners meetings. Rams coach Jeff Fisher, who is co-chairman of the NFL competition committee, said less than 50 percent of the coaches supported the proposal to make all plays reviewable.

Harbaugh backed the proposal from Patriots coach Bill Belichick.

"I think everything should be reviewed. If not, work back from what shouldn’t be reviewed," Harbaugh said Tuesday, a day before the voting. "Don’t work out from what should be reviewed because right now, all we do every year is we add things for review cause a play happens like the San Francisco play. You say, ‘Oh boy, that’s a loophole that should be reviewed,’ so we add it. That’s the tail wagging the dog."

On Tuesday, NFL owners voted to use a centralized system to help referees in stadiums make decisions on replay reviews. A day later, the proposal to make all plays reviewable didn't receive the required 24 votes to pass.

"Let’s make sure the outcome is right so when the game is all said and done, the fans aren’t blaming the officials for the outcome of the game one way or another," Harbaugh said. "They’re blaming or patting the players and coaches on the back. That’s where the outcome of the game should be and technology now gives us the opportunity to do that. Don’t put the referee in a situation where real time and the fans have a better view of the play than he does. That makes no sense. That’s our view.”

Harbaugh is also in favor of more challenges.

"I think the time argument is bogus," he said. "College does it very quickly. I like the coach having the challenge. I think it adds some excitement to the game and some strategy to the game that is fun and I feel like would give us an advantage because I feel we would be good at that. However, they decide to do it, it would not slow down the game and it would not take the game out of the referee’s hands. He would still control the game. It’s just a matter of time before it comes to that.”