Wake-up caw: Ravens news and opinions

Here is another edition of Baltimore Ravens' news and opinions for your wake-up caw ...

Headline: Ravens running back Ray Rice's felony aggravated assault case has been scheduled for an April 28 arraignment conference at Atlantic County Superior Court.

Opinion: My expertise with the court system doesn't go beyond Law & Order, but don't be surprised if Rice avoids jail time. In New Jersey, defendants with no criminal record can be eligible for a diversionary program that could result in the charges being dismissed. Rice has no prior record.

Headline: The time is now for backup running back Bernard Pierce to show that he can stay healthy and be a key component in the Ravens' running game for the foreseeable future.

Opinion: His durability issues will keep him in a backup role in the NFL. This is why the Ravens need to draft a younger and more dependable back in the draft. The Ravens can't trust Pierce to stay healthy.

Headline: The Detroit Lions signed backup quarterback Dan Orlovsky, which further depletes the free-agent market for quarterbacks.

Opinion: Some had linked the Ravens to Orlovsky because he played for two seasons (2009-10) for Gary Kubiak in Houston. There is still another free-agent quarterback who has ties with Kubiak -- Rex Grossman.

Headline: Eastern Illinois quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo worked out for the Ravens on Tuesday.

Opinion: This surprised me because Garoppolo is considered a second- or third-round prospect. The Ravens' history is taking a backup quarterback in the fifth round or later. I still can't see the Ravens using a pick higher than the fourth round on a quarterback.