Ravens' ChatRewind: Talking running backs

Running backs was a recurring theme in this week's Baltimore Ravens chat. You can click here for the full transcript. Here are the highlights:

Duane (Baltimore): Opening Day who do you see at free safety beside Matt Elam, whether it is someone from the draft, a current FA, a person currently on the roster, or a person you see as a future cap-casualty?

Jamison Hensley (ESPN): It will either be a draft pick or Darian Stewart. That rookie could be someone like Ha Ha Clinton-Dix (first round) or Jimmie Ward (second round).

George (Baltimore): Do you think the league will suspend Ray Rice? If so, do you think we will be able to make up for his production on the field?

Jamison Hensley (ESPN): It's a very good chance that Ray Rice will get suspended by the NFL. He doesn't have to be convicted to be disciplined under personal conduct policy. As far as production, I'm not sure if Rice has much left. We'll definitely find out this year whether that's accurate.

Zach (St. Kitts): I hear a lot about biggest need and are the Ravens going OT/G or FS in the first round. But I would like to ask if we can take the division with what the Ravens have?

Jamison Hensley (ESPN): Right now, the Ravens still trail the Bengals. Some may say the Steelers are better than the Ravens after their free-agent moves. But I see the Ravens as the division's second-best team heading into the draft.

J Shaw (Lisbon, Md.): Back when the held the coin flip to determine draft order between the Cowboys and Ravens, Ozzie Newsome said that the draft order alternated after the first round. Looking at the draft order, Dallas is in front of Baltimore in every round. Does the order alternate or not? Thanks!

Jamison Hensley (ESPN): Good question. There are six teams that finished 8-8. This is where they alternate every round. So, Bears pick first among the 8-8 teams based on strength of schedule. In the second round, the Bears pick last among the 8-8 teams and the rest of them move up one spot. The Ravens pick first among the 8-8 teams in the fourth round. Unfortunately for the Ravens, they traded that pick to the Jaguars for Eugene Monroe. Hope that clarifies.

Scott (Westminster, Colo.): Could you see a scenario where Bernard Pierce is the starter all season? From Ray Rice being suspended for the start of the season or Pierce being younger and fitting a zone-blocking scheme better, or a combo of both?

Jamison Hensley (ESPN): Pierce's stock dropped a lot last season. He can't stay healthy and he didn't show great instincts in hitting the right hole (yes, when there was an opening). This is why the Ravens need to draft a running back. Pierce is good as a backup. He hasn't shown the durability needed to be a starter in the NFL.

Jonathan (Arizona): Any chance Ka'Deem Carey becomes a Raven?

Jamison Hensley (ESPN): Carey, a potential second- or third-round pick from Arizona, has the vision you want when running a zone blocking scheme. He did have an assault charge against his ex-girlfriend (who was pregnant at the time). The charge was dropped, but this isn't exactly the track record the Ravens want in their next running back after what happened two months ago.