Ravens' draft primer: Eric Ebron

With 22 days until the NFL draft begins, here is another potential draft prospect for the Baltimore Ravens:


Position: Tight end

School: North Carolina

Height/weight: 6-foot-4, 250

Round projection: First

File this away: Ebron is so athletic that he also lined up at defensive end in 2012 when North Carolina was thin at that position.

Good: Ebron is the best tight end prospect since Vernon Davis in 2006. His size, athleticism and speed makes him a matchup nightmare for defenses. Ebron has the quickness to make plays downfield and can accelerate after the catch. He has a wide catching radius, so you don't always have to put the pass right on his hands. Ebron makes one-handed grabs look routine. Last season, he broke Davis' ACC single-season record for receiving yards by a tight end with 973.

Bad: Ebron has concentration issues. He had the highest drop percentage (11 percent) in 2013 of all the top tight end prospects, according to ESPN Stats & Information. Ebron needs to be more physical when fighting for the ball in traffic. His effort as an in-line blocker has been criticized.

Bottom line: Ebron is still on the Ravens' radar even after adding Owen Daniels, who is only on a one-year contract. The odds of Ebron falling to the Ravens at No. 17 are just not in their favor. That the Ravens felt the need to sign Daniels might indicate they don't believe Ebron is going to make it to the bottom half of the first round. Ebron would have to slip past the Buffalo Bills (No. 9), Detroit Lions (No. 10) and New York Giants (No. 12).

What Ebron said: “Every team wants a complete tight end, an all-purpose tight end, not one that can just run down the seam and catch passes. They want a guy that can block, too. I tell them that I've been working hard on it, which I have, and that I'm not bad at it, which everyone thinks. But we'll see.”