Ravens' pre-draft salary-cap status

The Baltimore Ravens head into the draft with $6.2 million in salary-cap room, according to ESPN Stats & Information.

This puts the Ravens in the middle of the league in terms of cap room. The Cleveland Browns have the most cap space in the league at $29.4 million, and the Pittsburgh Steelers have the least amount of cap room in $253,896.

What does this mean for the Ravens? They will likely need about $2 million to sign their draft picks and keep around $2 million heading into the regular season in case injuries force them to sign additional players.

So, the Ravens essentially have about $2 million to use if they want to sign veteran free agents to fill holes that remain after the draft. Some areas that the Ravens may want to address include backup quarterback (David Carr or Rex Grossman), offensive tackle (Eric Winston), a blocking tight end (Ben Hartsock) and cornerback (Terrell Thomas or Dominique Franks).