Did Ravens or Steelers get the better LB?

The Baltimore Ravens and Pittsburgh Steelers took an old-school approach in this year's draft, taking a highly rated linebacker in the first round.

The Steelers selected Ohio State's Ryan Shazier with the No. 15 overall pick. Shazier was the only player in the FBS with 20 tackles for loss and 100 total tackles (he had 22.5 TFL and 143 tackles), according to ESPN Stats & Information.

Two picks later, the Ravens went with Alabama's C.J. Mosley. He recorded over 100 tackles in back-to-back seasons and was Alabama's leading tackler in eight of 13 games last season.

So, which AFC North rival got the better linebacker? I let two of my ESPN colleagues decide.

Matt Williamson, NFL Insider: "I think Mosley is safer assuming he stays healthy, but Shazier is really dynamic. Super tough call and I see both fitting their respective schemes well and being fine picks, but I think Mosley is the slightly better player."

Steve Muench, draft analyst: "Mosley is the better fit because of the scheme he played in at Alabama, but I have no doubt Shazier can excel in Steelers' scheme and I think both will make early impacts. Shazier has higher ceiling. At end of day, both are great picks in my opinion."

The last time the Ravens and Steelers addressed the same position in the first round was 2000, when they both drafted wide receivers. The Steelers selected Plaxico Burress at No. 8, and the Ravens went with Travis Taylor at No. 10. Pittsburgh obviously got the better pass catcher that year.