Comparing Kaepernick's contract to Flacco

I wrote a blog post about how you can't call Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco overpaid after it was initially was reported that San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick received $61 million guaranteed.

The contract details, which were obtained by ESPN Stats & Information, paint a different picture. It reveals that a portion of Kaepernick's contract is guaranteed for injury only and contains de-escalators (his base salary can decrease by $2 million if certain incentives aren't reached).

With numbers provided by ESPN Stats & Information, let's take a clearer look at how Kaepernick's contract stacks up with Flacco:

Highest average annual value in first three years: Flacco ranks third among quarterbacks at $20.7 million. Only Matt Ryan ($22.9 million) and Aaron Rodgers ($22.7 million) average more than the Ravens quarterback. Kaepernick is averaging $$14.7 million over the first three years, which means his deal is only the 12th richest among current quarterbacks.

Signing bonus: Flacco received a $29 million signing bonus on his deal 15 months ago. This is fourth among quarterbacks behind Brees ($37 million), Rodgers ($35 million) and Tom Brady ($30 million). Kaepernick was given a $12.3 million signing bonus, which isn't in the same ballpark as these quarterbacks.

So, it appears that I was overzealous in putting the "overpaid" label on Kaepernick.