Ravens react to thrilling Super Bowl finish

The New England Patriots won Super Bowl XLIX by rallying from a double-digit deficit in the second half and sealing the victory with an interception on a questionable decision.

Sound familiar?

It was 22 days earlier that the Patriots did the same against the Baltimore Ravens in the AFC divisional round of the playoffs. The Ravens lost a 14-point lead in the second half, and their late comeback ended when quarterback Joe Flacco was picked off on a deep throw with 1:39 left in the game.

On Sunday night, the scenario wasn't exactly the same, but the similarities were hard to ignore. The Seattle Seahawks were unable to hold a 10-point lead over the Patriots in the fourth quarter, and their potential winning drive was thwarted by a Russell Wilson interception at the 1-yard line with 20 seconds remaining.

Like most of the football world, some of the Ravens publicly questioned why the Seahawks chose to throw the ball in that spot instead of handing it to physical running back Marshawn Lynch.

"That's a tough decision," Ravens coach John Harbaugh said on the NBC post-game show. "You've got think about running the ball there, without a doubt. They have a timeout left. They have a chance to run the ball there."

In 18 snaps from the opponents' 1-yard line in 2014, the Ravens ran the ball 13 times and threw it five times. The Ravens scored on five of those 13 runs in that situation.

Here was the response by some Ravens players on Twitter:

Wide receiver Torrey Smith: "Gotta give that to Marshawn though...every down...even if you lose you can't be mad"

Linebacker Terrell Suggs: "Football is simple made complicated by coaches!!!!!"

Kicker Justin Tucker: "Respect to Russell Wilson after a tough play at the end there. Staying calm & collected like that is incredibly hard. Real pro right there."

The Patriots became the first AFC team since 2006 (the Indianapolis Colts) to win the Super Bowl and not be from the AFC North. The Pittsburgh Steelers won in 2008, and the Ravens captured the Lombardi Trophy in 2012.