Take Two: Favorite uniforms in the Big 12

Earlier today, we asked you to vote in our poll on the Big 12's best uniforms. In this week's Big 12 Take Two, we're going to give you our opinions on that oh-so-controversial topic.

Take 1: Jake Trotter -- Texas

I’m of the opinion that alternate uniforms are great for schools trying to establish tradition and generate attention. The ploy has worked wonders for the likes of Oklahoma State, Baylor and TCU, which have become associated with their multiple uniform combinations.

A school like Texas, however, has no need for alternate uniforms because they already boast the tradition and the identity. And in part as a result, they already own one of the most iconic uniform combos in the country -- and the best unis in the Big 12.

Simple, clean and, did I use the word “iconic” already?

Texas’ burnt orange jersey is a classic. But the white helmet-white jersey-white pant look is especially sharp.

There are several uniform combos in the Big 12 I dig. Texas Tech’s home all blacks. Oklahoma’s white roads. Oklahoma State’s black-white-orange roads. West Virginia’s throwback helmet. And K-State’s powercat silver lid.

But none compare to Texas’ ensemble, which remains terrifically timeless.

Take 2: Max Olson -- Baylor

Back in the day, we used to have a video game called “NCAA Football 14” (RIP) and I was one of those players who’d play with Oregon just so I could constantly come up with new uniform combos.

I like tradition, don’t get me wrong, and Texas and Oklahoma are good as it gets among the classic unis. Neither should change a thing. But I also love the fact that half of the programs in the Big 12 -- Baylor, Oklahoma State, West Virginia, Texas Tech and TCU -- embraced the Ducks’ vision of having endless options for their helmets, jerseys and pants.

I had a hard time determining who does it best, to be honest. All five have a few combinations that really pop, and I still need to see the new Oklahoma State unis in action.

I eventually settled on Baylor because the color scheme itself of green, gold, white, black and gray produces so many nice options that look good on the field and on TV.

The collection of helmets the Bears have developed is pretty strong without going overboard. Their black uniforms are some of the best in the game and pair so well with their matte black, gold chrome and "gunmetal" gray helmets. For those reasons, I must give a slight edge to Baylor.