Big 12 mailbag: Talking actual football

In this week's Big 12 Twitter mailbag, we discuss -- wait for it -- football!

On to the 'bag:

Trotter: It feels like Kenny Hill, doesn't it? Shortly after he was named TCU's starting QB Thursday, I tweeted that there might not be a player in the conference with a higher ceiling/floor divide. If Hill is close to the player who shredded South Carolina two years ago, then TCU could win the Big 12 and make the playoff. If he struggles, the Horned Frogs are probably not going to be a factor. It's going to be exciting to see what he can do. The other pieces are in place for the Frogs to make a run.

Trotter: No question. Last year the Pokes had one of the worst ground games in recent Big 12 history and still finished 14th nationally in scoring. With a little more pop running the ball, Oklahoma State could boast one of the most electric offenses in the country with Mason Rudolph at quarterback and James Washington at wideout. The Cowboys, however, will need the running game to take more pressure off the pass. Keep an eye on true freshman running back Justice Hill, who is generating a ton of buzz in Stillwater this preseason. He could be one of the reasons why Oklahoma State might prove to be more effective with the ground game.

Trotter: We're past the debate of whether Hill is going to play. He's going to. A lot. The real question is, is Hill the starting running back when Texas visits Stillwater on Oct. 1? I'm starting to believe there's a chance he is.

Trotter: We're in a little bit of a holding pattern for the moment. Bob Bowlsby is going through these meetings with interested candidates, even though many realistically have no shot of being invited. I think the previously scheduled October board meeting was always -- and remains -- the deadline goal.

Trotter: It got such poor reviews, I haven't even bothered to see it. I rented Batman vs. Superman recently, and was supremely disappointed. Hopefully DC Comics gets its act together soon.

Trotter: I would imagine just one of those teams would get in. And that team would probably be Notre Dame. Even in this era of a playoff selection committee, the name on the jersey still matters. Plus the Irish would have the best strength of schedule. By the way, if you're hoping for an eight-team playoff in the near future, root hard against the Big Ten and SEC. If this year's playoff pairings ended up being something like Oklahoma, Clemson, Stanford and Notre Dame, the playoff would expand to eight faster than you could say, "AL-A-BAM-A."

Trotter: It's been so long since Hill played a full season, which makes this a difficult question to answer. For that reason, I would probably slot him in at fifth behind Baker Mayfield, Patrick Mahomes, Seth Russell and Mason Rudolph, who are all top 15 quarterbacks nationally, in my opinion. Peak Hill, however, is pretty speculator. Just ask the 2013 Longhorns. The Mountaineers are going to have their hands full with BYU in Week 3.

Trotter: Gotta love all these fans from expansion candidates submitting questions to the Big 12 mailbag -- as if they've already been admitted into the league.