Martellus Bennett lays down the smack

Posted by ESPN.com's Tim Griffin

Dallas Cowboys tight end Martellus Bennett, a former Texas A&M player whose brother, Michael, still plays on the Aggies' team, hasn't lost the touch.

Martellus Bennett is one of my favorite quotes of all time. His brother isn't far behind. But Bennett is stirring the pot about Thursday's Texas-Texas A&M game and he isn't even in school anymore.

Bennett laid down some bold words to the Dallas Morning News' Brian Davis in the Cowboys' locker room after their game against San Francisco last week about the Longhorns and quarterback Colt McCoy.

It only continued the trash talking that Michael Bennett started the previous week.

Martellus Bennett told Davis and other reporters that he's predicting a 27-24 upset victory for the Aggies in Thursday's game over an opponent he referred to as "yellow bellies."

"We're going to beat Texas, though," Bennett said. "It's going to be an upset. We always beat Texas. It wouldn't be an upset. Well, maybe this year it would be. But we expect to beat Texas, the yellow bellies."

And he also referred to the 2006 game when his brother knocked out Texas quarterback Colt McCoy with a devastating shot.

"My brother [Michael Bennett] knocked McCoy out a while back and we call him Cart McCoy now."

Texas coach Mack Brown said he hadn't hear about Bennett's comments, but expected nothing less from the loquacious rookie tight end.

"It would've surprised me if Martellus didn't have comments this week," Brown said.

Bennett had some more comments Wednesday to the News about why he hasn't made any bets with Dallas teammates and former Texas players Roy Williams and Leonard Davis about Thursday's game.

"Roy doesn't speak English," Bennett told the News. "He's like a Martian or something. He's like a mime. Leonard? He speaks English, but he talks slow."

If his Dallas teammates don't want to muzzle Bennett, maybe his old teammates still playing at A&M might want to. Nothing like disparaging a team and then not playing against them.