Jawjacking from around the Big 12

Posted by ESPN.com's Tim Griffin

Here are a few of the more notable quotes from around the Big 12 this week.

"I can't sit here and say we believe in sportsmanship and sit there and throw it every snap at the end. And if the difference in 49-9 and 56-9 is going to make the difference, the system is more screwed up than I think it is." -- Texas coach Mack Brown, on why he decided to remove Colt McCoy early in the fourth quarter of the Longhorns' victory over Texas A&M.

"We sure feel like we'd like to keep playing because we feel like we had three games there we kinda let get away from us and didn't really take care of business. We really wanted to be a bowl-eligible team." -- Baylor coach Art Briles on the disappointment of another season without a bowl trip for the Bears.

"It's just so obvious that over the past four weeks he's gotten over the hump." -- Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops on the recent re-emergence of running back DeMarco Murray.

"I hope that I can settle the waters. I think K-Staters, to a degree, are in a state of flux. The important thing is to be able to smooth those waters." -- New Kansas State coach Bill Snyder after he was rehired to coach the Wildcats after a three-year gap since his original retirement.

"My son, John, was getting married in Chapel Hill (N.C.), and I didn't pay attention to the game. Texas assistant athletic director) Bill Little texted me at one point of the ceremony and said it was 42-7. I said, 'I got it, you don't have to text me any more.' " -- Brown on the reports he received about the Oklahoma-Texas Tech game last week when he was away at a family wedding.