OU's Stoops optimistic

Oklahoma State and Oklahoma were both scheduled to begin spring practice today, but storms in the area have forced Oklahoma State to postpone its start until Tuesday.

Oklahoma will move inside for its afternoon practice today, but Sooners coach Bob Stoops spoke with the media on Monday afternoon to kick off the 2010 spring session.

Stoops said he was happy with how the winter had gone for his team, but as always, was amazed by how soon spring practices arrived.

"When you get into the bowl season and all those practices, and then recruiting, you're kind of going a million miles an hour, and before you know it, you're back into spring practice leading into the next season," Stoops said. "But it's an exciting time. Us coaches always love this time of year, working with all the young players and developing them."

Stoops said two problem areas for the Sooners in 2009, receiver and offensive line, could cease to be the case in 2010, thanks to improvement and players returning from injury.

"I don't think there's any question that we'll be better in the offensive line because we played without so many of those seniors and all of the guys returning have experience now," Stoops said. "And we will get Jarvis Jones and Ben Habern back for a good part of the spring. It hasn't happened, but it's likely to happen after spring break."

Stoops later added that he felt the improvement the receiving corps showed late last season would continue into 2010.

Few of those questions about receivers have been thrown Ryan Broyles' way (89 receptions, 1,120 yards, 15 TD in 2009), but Dejuan Miller, a 6-foot-4, 224-pound target showed promise of becoming a complement to Broyles. Miller caught six passes for 84 yards in the Sooners' Sun Bowl win over Stanford, and of his 36 catches in 2009, 33 came after the start of conference play.