Big 12 mailbag: K-State AD job, Baker Mayfield, Joel Lanning

In Tuesday’s Big 12 mailbag, we had lots of news to discuss starting with the athletic director change at Kansas State.

Max Olson: Hold on, let me pull out my handy "Jump To Conclusions" mat and see if I can find an answer for you. Athletic director John Currie leaving for Tennessee is definitely going to prompt this question. I think Sean Snyder's odds of eventually becoming Kansas State's head coach improved on Tuesday, sure, but ask me again when we know who the new K-State AD will be. Will the new hire be OK with a Snyder succession plan or will they want to make a name for themselves with a splashy outside hire? Hard to say right now.

MO: No word on that yet. At this point, I would be surprised if Baker Mayfield ended up receiving a one-game suspension for his arrest in Arkansas. The more likely response from OU is internal discipline, but I could be wrong. Not saying that's the right or wrong punishment -- just saying I'm skeptical he'll be suspended for the season opener against UTEP.

MO: Yeah, this was an interesting idea. Boone Pickens Stadium will have 3,400 fewer seats this season due to a renovation of 25 sections of the stadium that will widen the seats. Makes sense to me. As attendance figures decline around the country, administrators have to do some serious thinking about the fan experience. It takes most people a lot of money and effort to get to a college football game, and nobody wants to pay good money to sit in a cramped seat for three or four hours. I'm good with that fix.

MO: I was traveling last week when co-offensive coordinator Matt Lubick left for Washington, so I didn't offer my take on that one. I was not at all surprised. We'd heard rumblings a few weeks after Lubick got to Baylor that it maybe wasn't the right fit for him. I wouldn't call the job he took at UW a demotion; he ended up in a great spot. I don't think it's a huge loss for Baylor, honestly, because it's clear Glenn Thomas is perfectly capable of serving as co-OC. As for what it means for their offensive plan, I'm sure it will resemble what this staff ran at Temple and be tailored to the roster's strengths.

MO: Love it. I think it's a terrific idea to explore where else he might fit in their lineup. Joel Lanning is still one of the leaders of this Iowa State team even if he isn't the No. 1 QB, so finding a way to get him more involved is a no-brainer. He's trying out linebacker to start off spring ball and I think he's got the build to hold up there, but guys like J.W. Walsh and Tyrone Swoopes have also shown us the value of giving a guy like Lanning his own run package.

MO: I gotta say, Adrian Peterson's breakup with the Vikings is pretty upsetting to me. Peterson has been a keeper for me in my fantasy football league since he was a rookie. I've always stuck with him through the good times and the bad. This year, I will not be keeping him. I don't feel good about it. It's crazy how short the shelf life is for these All-Pro running backs like Peterson and Jamaal Charles.

MO: Let's see ... the biggest "wows" in the Big 12 this offseason for me were probably Kansas stealing Doug Meacham and Baylor pulling off the hiring of Matt Rhule. I figured some changes might be coming for TCU, but David Beaty hiring Meacham was a big deal. I've definitely been impressed by Rhule and what he's already accomplishing at Baylor.

MO: A good question that I don't have a great answer for at this point. TCU has not made Sonny Cumbie available for many interviews, so I haven't heard him say much about his specific plans and vision for the Frogs' offense going forward. I detailed some of their offensive issues in 2016 a few weeks ago and, obviously, the play of their receivers and offensive line has to improve, but I'm not expecting a major overhaul from a scheme standpoint.

MO: Let's leave the guys coming back from season-ending injuries out of that discussion since they're obvious candidates. Three guys I'm expecting a lot more from in 2017 are TCU WR KaVontae Turpin, Texas LB Malik Jefferson and Iowa State RB Mike Warren. They didn't play up to expectations for a number of reasons last season and injuries certainly played a part, but they should get back on track as juniors this fall.