Big 12 mailbag: Oklahoma State the new conference favorite?

In this week's Big 12 Twitter mailbag, we discuss whether Oklahoma State is the new conference favorite after landing a pair of key grad transfers this week, some of the players to watch in this weekend's spring games, and how one goes about asking out a crush.

On to the 'bag:

Trotter: These opportunities don't roll around very often. The last time Oklahoma State was this loaded was 2011, and of course that team won the Big 12 title. The Cowboys have all the pieces in place to win the Big 12 again. It's just going to come down to how they play -- most notably in that Nov. 4 Bedlam clash against Oklahoma.

Trotter: Nope, Oklahoma is still my Big 12 favorite. Oklahoma State is going to have to prove to me that it can beat the Sooners when it really counts after having flopped the last three times Bedlam has decided the Big 12. Is Oklahoma in the Cowboys' heads? It sure felt like it last season.

Trotter: Alabama transfer wide receiver Daylon Charlot. There's a lot of buzz surrounding the 6-foot, 195-pound former blue-chip recruit. I'm curious to see what impact he'll have in the spring game -- and next season. It could be a significant one.

Trotter: I'm interested to watch LSU transfer wide receiver Tyron Johnson. The plaudits for him from his teammates have really caught my attention, none more so than QB Mason Rudolph calling Johnson Oklahoma State's best player in space. Considering the team's other weapons, that's saying something.

Trotter: He could, although A) West Virginia has other capable running backs who stand to take away carries, and B) I wonder if the Mountaineers will pass more given the arrival of QB Will Grier, coupled with the losses along the offensive line. That's taking nothing away from Crawford. He's a terrific player. I just don't think he would be my favorite to win the Big 12 rushing title.

Trotter: I drink like 10 mugs of coffee per day, so I'm probably somewhere between a "selfish teammate" and "headed to Area 51."

Trotter: I trust Gary Patterson's system and track record to produce quality defense. The Horned Frogs were OK defensively last year. And there are more questions along the defensive line. But with the linebacking duo of Travin Howard and Ty Summers, TCU will have a chance to challenge for the Big 12's best defense.

Trotter: That would certainly be a prime destination for them, and the realignment game-changer the Big 12 has been waiting for. That said, we're a long way away from that even becoming a remote possibility.

Trotter: The same tiebreakers as before will be used to determine the title-game participants. Head-to-head will remain the lone deciding factor when two teams finish with the same record. In the event three or more teams are tied, the Big 12 would compare conference records, conference records against the next-highest-placed teams and scoring differential, in that order. If there's still a tie after all of that, the Big 12 would hold a drawing at the conference office -- which I'm sure will happen at some point, because, well, that's just something that would happen to this conference.

Trotter: Max's advice to you was completely ridiculous and embarrassing, and also unhelpful. Assuming you know this gal, I would cultivate the right moment (a party, a cookout, whatever) to go up to her and say, 'Hey, I think you're great, would you like to hang out sometime?' The worst that can happen is she'll say no. But she'll probably be inclined to at least give you a chance. By the way, I ran this by my wife and she approved of this advice. She did not approve of Max's creepy Snapchat suggestion. So whatever you do, don't do that.