Sims' Heisman antics spark editorial rebuke

Posted by ESPN.com's Tim Griffin

When Sam Bradford was being introduced Saturday night as the next Heisman Trophy winner, I was mildly amused with the show that former Sooner standout Billy Sims was making by repeatedly chanting "Boomer" as Bradford walked to the stage.

But as it continued, Sims became more and more buffoonish. His outlandish display was greatly out of place for the show of dignity that I usually expect from the most hallowed of all individual trophies available in college sports. And I would expect more out of former winners who seemingly would respect their own achievements and those of other winners.

My sentiments were shared by others while reading message boards for other Big 12 schools and even by some Sooner fans over the last couple of days.

It even prompted a stinging response this morning when The Oklahoman wrote an editorial blasting Sims for his Heisman show of exuberance.

"You knew it was coming," The Oklahoman wrote. "Sims began this routine when Jason White won the Heisman in 2003, although that time he hollered it only a couple of times, and it was good for a laugh or two. There weren't many laughs Saturday night, especially not after the fourth, or fifth, or sixth, or seventh shout from Sims."

Sims obviously shows great pride in his old school. And he's always excited about having another representative from his school join the exclusive football fraternity.

But his old fans and particularly the opinion leaders back in the state where he played college football merely wish that Sims would just shut up.

"Sam Bradford deserved better," The Oklahoman's editorial said. "In winning the Heisman as the nation's top college football player, he represented his team, his school and his state with the sort of class we have come to expect from him. And unfortunately, so did Sims."

Maybe Oklahoma athletic director Joe Castiglione needs to deputize former Sooner Heisman winner Steve Owens and get him to lock Sims in the closet for a couple of hours at the next Heisman ceremony if he can't act with dignity.

Because Sims' foolish antics definitely upstaged Bradford's big show. And in the process it embarrassed his old school when it should have been basking in the national spotlight.