Back in the Cotton Bowl

The NCAA approved 35 new bowl games on Friday, but among them was the Dallas Football Classic, which brings back a bowl game to the Cotton Bowl stadium in the Texas State Fairgrounds.

The name could change with sponsorship.

Even though the game's on New Year's Day, it's hardly a headline-maker. The Big 12's No. 7 team will play the Big Ten's No. 6 team, putting it below the Pinstripe Bowl, also a new bowl added this year, which will grab the No. 6 team in the conference.

That said, I like the move. A January without football at the fairgrounds didn't quite feel right. The Cotton Bowl left for JerryWorld and aspirations of becoming a BCS bowl in the future.

No way was that happening if it stayed in its old location. It's nice to see the newly renovated Cotton Bowl stadium get back a game, especially one on New Year's Day.

Imagine if Baylor puts it together this year and slips into a bowl game? Five years ago, who would have put the Bears in the Cotton Bowl on New Year's Day? Even if it's only in the Dallas Football Classic.

The renovations to the stadium won't go unused. Texas and Oklahoma continue to play there, and the fans and administration strongly prefer to keep it that way, with no desire to move to The Spaceship in Arlington. Baylor and Texas Tech will also play at the Cotton Bowl on Oct. 9 after meeting in Cowboys Stadium last season.