Offenses in need of repair

Not everyone can throw for 300 yards, run for 200 and hang 40 points on the board every time out. Here are three offenses in need of some work, and this afternoon, we'll look at which have the shortest roads to recovery.

In need of repair

1. Colorado -- The Buffaloes' problems are everywhere, and the gap between Colorado and the rest of the league is enormous. The second-best offensive team in the Big 12 last season, Texas A&M, averaged 5.8 yards per play. The second-worst averaged 5.2 yards. Colorado averaged 4.4 yards. Its 44 sacks allowed were 12 more than any other team in the league as well. The quarterback play from both Tyler Hansen and Cody Hawkins wasn't very consistent, but when dealing with that kind of pressure, that's no surprise.

2. Baylor -- Baylor's offensive struggles were due in part to misfortune. Freshman Nick Florence played well, but the Bears were without 2008 Offensive Newcomer of the Year Robert Griffin III for all of conference play. In those eight games, the Bears scored only 13 points per game, 5.8 fewer than the 11th-place team, Nebraska. Florence's success didn't loosen defenses enough for the running game to flourish. In conference play, the Bears rushed for just two yards per carry. Barring a rule change providing teams five plays to achieve a first down, that's not good enough.

3. Nebraska -- Most of Nebraska's struggles on offense were self-inflicted. After a home loss to Iowa State that featured eight turnovers, the offense was so conservative, at times it looked like offensive coordinator Shawn Watson had handed over playcalling duties to Rush Limbaugh. The defense allowed just nine points in that loss, and averaged under 10 points a game from that point on. The bar was set, and the offense knew it was low. They won with field position and special teams, but a good offense to go with the nation's best defense a season ago would be other Big 12 teams' worst nightmare.