Thursday chat wrap

If you missed today's chat, here are a few of the highlights. Should be chatting again next week, but feel free to drop a question in the mailbag if yours didn't make the chat today.

Greg in Omaha wrote: With the Big 10 claiming to be sticking with his original 12-18 month expansion timetable, does the help the Big 12 try to get their act in order to possibly keep in tact? I believe the cable deal for the Big 12 is nearing it's end, any chance we get a big boost like the ACC is rumored to be getting from ESPN?

David Ubben: I don't think the TV deal has anything to do with it, but at the spring meetings in a couple weeks, there might be murmurs of the Big 12 re-structuring its revenue sharing, which isn't equal like the Big Ten's. Granted, not every team is in favor of that, and let's also remember, it's not like anyone in the conference is just blowing away anyone else. From the 2007 data, Texas made the most at $10.2 million. Baylor made the least at 7.1 million. That's chump change when you talk about teams like Missouri making $14 million more by a move to the Big Ten.

Joe D in Dallas wrote: David, Landry Jones threw two touchdowns and eight interceptions in losses to Texas, Texas Tech and Nebraska last year. Can he turn it around this year and if so, how?

DU: He'll be more experienced. As for those games, part of the problem was playing good defenses, and part of it was playing away from home. He really struggled--along with the rest of the team--away from Owen Field. You'd think with his added experience, that would be less of a problem this year. But we'll see.

Travis in Dallas wrote: would it be ok if we actually talked about football? This [expansion] stuff is going to drag on an on, and there is nothing any of us, regardless of our stance, can do about it. I've got a nose bleed from all it. Give us top 5 conference games for the 2010 year.

DU: Will do, Travis. I usually get sick of this stuff more quickly, but all the expansion talk is still pretty interesting to me. As for conference games, here goes:

1) Texas-Nebraska

2) Texas-OU

3) Nebraska-Missouri

4) Texas-Texas A&M

5) Texas A&M-Nebraska