See? The Pinstripe Bowl isn't crazy

The NFL sent the 2014 Super Bowl to the Northeast on Tuesday. The Giants and Jets new stadium, to be exact. Now, I've never been to New York in the winter, but I hear it gets chilly enough to don at least a light jacket.

As you might remember, college football will enjoy a similar exercise this winter. The Big 12's No. 6 team will pack their bags for the big city for the holidays and head to The Big Apple to face the No. 3 team from the Big East in the New Era Pinstripe Bowl.

But it seems like anytime I write about the game, (which, admittedly, hasn't been often) I get at least a couple of e-mails that seem to believe a cold-weather bowl is insanity, doomed to fail.

I'm not going act like the Pinstripe Bowl and the Super Bowl have much in common outside of being football games played in New York in the cold, but the NFL doesn't seem to care about the basic complaints brought up when the game is mentioned.

The prospect of playing in the elements--elements that could have a profound impact on the game (read: snow)--didn't scare the NFL. Neither does a handful of fans shivering for four hours in the stands, even if the seats at the new Yankee Stadium will have a much more tangible "everyman" feel than the ones in New York for the Super Bowl four years later.

And, like several other bowl games, you're still in a vacation spot. Plenty of people come to New York for the holidays and stand outside for hours every year on New Year's. As for who to see in next year's game? Maybe the purple cats from The Little Apple? Maybe the (obligatory reference: Robert Griffin!) Baylor Bears? It won't matter, and it won't take a team with a fan base the size of Texas A&M to make a dent.

Like I've said all along, I think the new bowl game is primed for success--at least initially. If the weather didn't scare the NFL away, it shouldn't scare Big 12 football fans, either.