Expect Arlington to host title game

KANSAS CITY -- There's been no definitive decision on the future site of the Big 12 title game, but commissioner Dan Beebe did little to dispel rumors that an official decision to move the game to Cowboys Stadium for the next three years is a formality.

"With the best facility in the world in our backyard, I don't care where it was located. It could be in Oklahoma City, it could be in Omaha, it could be in Lincoln," Beebe said. "We would be foolish not to take advantage of that for all sorts of reasons. For fan experience, for student-athlete experience, for recruiting of players everywhere, it's at least one more recruiting pitch you can make. You come here, and we play, we're going to play in the Dallas Cowboys' stadium. Those kids' jaws dropped when they walked in. For all of those reasons, I think we need to take advantage of that facility and that's what I've expressed. The board will finalize what direction we'll go for the next three years after this year, and that'll come up, we'll have a report on that later."

The most outspoken opponent of keeping the game in Dallas has been Nebraska athletic director Tom Osborne, who favors rotating the game between South and North locations. Specifically, Cowboys Stadium and Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City.

Beebe said Osborne expressed his concerns and his own interests during the week's meetings, but he maintained that those concerns were respectful and understanding of the issues discussed earlier.

"You'd have to ask him this, but I don't think he was just flat out, 'No.'" Beebe said. "He understands, he was there, he saw the value in how great the stadium is, but he's got another perspective that's important and we're fortunate to have one of the top coaches to have ever coached the game be a part of the athletics administrator group because he provides a lot of great insight and input about one of our most important sports.

"So I wouldn't characterize his expression of concern as being one that's just over the top and has his heels dug in."