Hello from Austin

AUSTIN, Texas -- It's been a busy morning. A horde of media just heard from Texas president Bill Powers, athletic director DeLoss Dodds and women's athletic director Chris Plonsky.

Big 12 commissioner Dan Beebe is preparing to speak to the media via teleconference. I'll have plenty more this afternoon.

A couple of quick tidbits from this morning.

  • Don't plan on keeping the Big 12 title game. There's no indication, according to Texas, that the league will petition to hold one.

  • On the name change: "We're looking for leadership from the Big Ten on that," Dodds said.

  • In short, Texas says it stayed for "hundreds" of reasons, but they were convinced that the Big 12 was more financially viable. The league's contract with ABC/ESPN will stay the same through 2016, but with fewer slices to divvy up, everyone gets more money. The league will try to sync its deal up with Fox by extending through 2016. At that point, the conference's deal would grow, Texas believes.

Plenty, plenty more to come throughout the day.