What about that Pac-10 full merger?

The Big 12 and Pac-10 never fully consummated their relationship after Texas balked at an offer from Pac-10 commissioner Larry Scott. But what if they did?

And made it a full merger, which was one of the options Scott discussed with his membership prior to moving forward?

How would that league rank by overall prestige? ESPN's leaving that up to you.

Minus Utah -- the Pac-10's newest member -- you can rank the 21 programs in order. Of course, anything like this is going to be weighted toward recent results, but here's how the fans see it so far:

1. Texas

2. USC

3. Oklahoma


5. Oregon

6. California

7. Texas A&M

8. Stanford

9. Oklahoma State

10. Kansas

11. Washington

12. Arizona

13. Texas Tech

14. Missouri

15. Arizona State

16. Oregon State

17. Kansas State

18. Colorado

19. Baylor

20. Iowa State

21. Washington State

What do you think? Go rank them yourself, or you can send me your thoughts. I can't say I'm sure what I'll get from you, but if there's enough humor or insight, I'll post some of the highlights here later on.