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Here's a few highlights. If your question didn't get answered, send me a question and it might make it in the end-of-the-week mailbag.

Bob in OKC asked: which sophomore will have a breakout year and put their name on the map

David Ubben: Obvious choice: Garrett Gilbert. Somewhat less obvious choices: Christine Michael/Ronnell Lewis/Rex Burkhead. Sleeper choice: Tracy Moore.

Nolan in College Station asked: With all this talk of conference alignment and all the side stories that have come from it, this year looks like it could be pretty intense on the football field? In terms of this, which games do you think will have the most brutal hits/personal fouls/lip-smack?

DU: It's Nebraska-Texas and then everything else. I believe it was one of the columnists in Omaha or Lincoln who said, "That game may test Nebraska fans' reputation for being kind to opposing fans." Couldn't agree more.

Jared in Kansas City asked: David, I have the fever, the World Cup fever! Which Big XII players would make the best soccer players?

DU: Good question. I believe OU receiver Cameron Kenney is a former soccer player, so I'll go with him. Kendall Wright at Baylor could probably do it, too. And Alex Henery, for obvious reasons.

Blake in Abilene, Texas asked: David, of the longhorns you have mentioned in your top 25 players for the Big 12(10) I've noticed they have all Ben defensive. It shows the affects of Muschamp. Might it be that Texas is heading in a diffrent direct strategicly and that with a run game they are a national contender even with a young QB?

DU: I'm not sold on them as an absolute national championship contender because of all the uncertainty on offense, but the defense is going to be world-class. It's going to win games for them, and if the offense comes around late in the season, they'll be in the hunt for the title.

Thanks again for all the questions.

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