Tuberville weighs in again

Tommy Tuberville is the only Big 12 coach to speak out regarding his doubts about the future viability of the 10-team Big 12, doing so on a radio show last month. He also noted the lack of camaraderie among the members, unlike his experiences in the SEC, and implied that commissioner Dan Beebe was the reason.

That, of course, earned him a public reprimand, which also served as a warning to his contemporaries. He took to the airwaves again this weekend, on Dallas' ESPN affiliate, KESN-FM, as a man who sounds like he's learned his lesson, even if he's taken his usual lighthearted approach to said lesson.

"I’ve been spanked," Tuberville said with a laugh. "The thing about that, I’m glad we’re at least holding together because I came into this league, I like all the coaches and there are some great programs. I just hate we lost two teams. But, it’ll work out for the best. You know, there’s been a lot of negotiations about scheduling. I think it’s going to be good; I just hate that we lose a championship game. Some people say, ‘Well, you’ve got a better chance in making the national championship game.’ I’m not sure of that. I think a lot of people hold that against you when you don’t play that extra game in terms of voting."

Less sexy? Sure. But Tuberville doesn't sound interested in "Kiffining" his colleagues before even coaching his first game in the Big 12. Like I mentioned this morning, expect more comments parallel to this line of thought from Tuberville when he takes the podium at Big 12 media days on Tuesday afternoon, and the same from his fellow coaches throughout the three-day gabfest.