Stoops brings jokes, talks injuries, agents, BBQ

Bob Stoops is on campus at ESPN today, and stopped by SportsNation for a chat this morning. Here's a few selections from what he had to say:

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Geoff in Dallas asked: Which game do you expect DT Adrian Taylor to be 100 percent and in "real" football shape?

Bob Stoops: Hopefully by the third or fourth game.

sweatervested1 in Mobile, Ala. asked: Bob- Look, I need your help! When I play my younger brother in NCAA football 11, he is dropping numbers on me like yall do Okie St. Since he is more coordinated than me, I just can't keep up. What would be a solid defense to run against him? I need help. I'm like "0-don't remember" against him. So, I want to hire you to run my defense. Will you work for $1 a game?

Stoops: I was looking for a job on the side. I will be available.

J.B. in Dunmore, Penn. asked: OK coach important question here: Propane or charcoal?

Stoops: Charcoal. Definitely charcoal.

Josh in Md. asked: Coach, how's the ankle feeling? (Ed. note: Stoops wore a boot during a practice last week.)

Stoops: I'm getting old. I've got a bad Achilles. Just protecting it.

Scott in Indy asked: No wavering on the charcoal answer! Excellent! Most guest chatters try to have it both ways and say they prefer charcoal but cook on gas for the convenience. Any comments on Nick Saban not letting the NFL Scouts in to the Alabama practices?

Stoops: We're considering it as well.

Thomas in KC asked: Favorite place in the Big 12 to coach at besides Norman?

Stoops: The Cotton Bowl.