Tech assistants get boost with Leach's contract

Posted by ESPN.com's Tim Griffin

The new contract negotiated for Mike Leach comes with a caveat for members of his staff.

Leach insisted, and received, $400,000 in additional pay for his assistants.

That boost will enable the Red Raiders to come closer to traditional powers like Texas and Oklahoma, which traditionally have paid their staff more than other Big 12 schools. Oklahoma State has also made big boosts in assistant coaches' salaries in recent seasons as well.

It's still to be determined whether that contract boost would enable the Red Raiders to re-hire Seth Littrell from Mike Stoops' staff at Arizona.

Littrell, a former Oklahoma running back who was considered one of the Big 12's best recruiters, decided last week that Stoops' staff provided more stability than Leach's, which looked tenuous at that time.

It remains to be seen if he will return to Texas Tech after Leach's new contract.

If not, it means that Leach will be scrambling to add another member to his staff before spring practice starts.