Nebraska QB mystery gets even more ridiculous

Nebraska released it's pregame depth chart this afternoon.

Ten positions were filled on offense.

Quarterback read "to be announced." True gamesmanship by Bo Pelini there, but by now, I don't see the point.

Some have opined that Pelini wanted himself -- and his quarterback -- to avoid the scrutiny that would quickly follow an official announcement. But a) I'm not sure how much scrutiny could come within hours and b) Neither Pelini nor his quarterback would get a chance to read/hear it.

Maybe he's trying to create a moment, ensuring the already-reliable Nebraska fans are in their seats at kickoff to see Zac Lee, Cody Green or Taylor Martinez take the first snap of one of Nebraska's most anticipated seasons in recent history.

Who knows? All I know is it's devolved into self-parody at this point, as Nebraska prepares to take on Western Kentucky, a team that hasn't won a game in its last 20 tries.

Pelini said last week that we would know who the starter was when he came trotting onto the field. Apparently, he wasn't exaggerating.

Two other quick notes:

  • Roy Helu Jr. and Rex Burkhead were listed as "or" at I-back, but Helu was listed ahead of Burkhead.

  • Alonzo Whaley and Lavonte David will make their first career starts at linebacker.