Baylor's pro day gives Smith a chance to strut his stuff

Posted by ESPN.com's Tim Griffin

The guys with the team-logo golf shirts and stopwatches will be criss-crossing the country over the next few weeks. The relatively new phenomena of "pro day" begins Tuesday where scouts flock to colleges across the country in order to gauge incoming pro talent.

Their one-stop measuring and clocking binges began at large schools like Texas, which helped developed the idea of making a big production of showcasing its draft-eligible players.

"We do it to spotlight all of our players," Texas coach Mack Brown said. "We want to give them all a chance to work for the NFL teams. If some might not get invited to the combine, this gives them all the opportunity to show what they can do."

The first pro day in the conference will be today at Baylor. It also could be one of the most important.

Massive Baylor tackle Jason Smith had a nice series of workouts in Indianapolis at the NFL combine last month. But another strong outing should provide the 6-foot-5, 309-pounder with enough boost where he would be the top offensive lineman available in the draft.

That opportunity presents itself after the meltdown by Alabama's Andre Smith at the combine. Those struggles could mean that Jason Smith, Virginia's Eugene Monroe or Mississippi's Michael Oher could end up as the first lineman selected with a strong showing at their pro days after their earlier workouts in Indianapolis.

It should be interesting as former Big 12 players get to show what they can do over the next several weeks at their respective pro days. Here's the list of dates, according to a list compiled in this morning's Sporting News Daily.

March 3: Baylor

March 4: Texas A&M

March 5: Missouri

March 9: Colorado

March 10: Kansas, Oklahoma

March 11: Oklahoma State

March 12: Kansas State, Nebraska, Texas Tech

March 25: Texas

Note: Iowa State has not set its date.