Would Maclin have made Sooners a title team?

Posted by ESPN.com's Tim Griffin

There was a thought-provoking blog post this afternoon written by the wise pundit of the Tulsa World, veteran columnist Dave Sittler.

As Sittler watched Jeremy Maclin honored at the Oklahoma-Missouri basketball game last night in Columbia, Mo., it made him wonder what Maclin would have meant to the Sooners if he had attended there as he had originally committed.

I'm thinking that Maclin would have had the same explosive role with the Sooners. And I imagine that Oklahoma offensive coordinator Kevin Wilson would have found a variety of uses for Maclin, who was almost like a Swiss Army Knife because of the usefulness of his multiplicity of talents in Missouri's offense.

It's easy to envision Maclin as a game-breaking Percy Harvin type of player for the Sooners. And he would have been very valuable for them to beat Harvin and the Florida Gators.

Sure, Juaquin Iglesias, Manuel Johnson, Ryan Broyles and DeMarco Murray all were fast players who could change a game on a single play.

But Maclin would have been the cherry to top the Sooners' sundae.