Stoops Bowl set to begin

NORMAN, Okla. -- Moving from warm-up drill to warm-up drill, as well as during those warm-ups, Oklahoma's players were more demonstrative on Saturday than any pregame all last season.

What does that mean? Well, who knows until No. 10 Oklahoma and No. 17 Florida State kick it off, but the Sooners won't be lacking in emotion. They're hoping the fans filling up the stadium follow their lead.

Both would like to forget a poor performance a week ago against Utah State that sent Oklahoma tumbling three spots in the media poll.

Florida State defensive coordinator Mark Stoops and Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops had a brief brotherly embrace at midfield early in warm-ups, but don't expect many more pleasantries until postgame.

The Stoops Bowl is nearly underway. Clouds have cleared, and the sun's beating down on Owen Field. It's a beautiful day. Time to kick it off.