Quick thoughts and notes on the polls

Before I offer my thoughts, here's a look at where the Big 12 stands in the polls after Week 2:

Associated Press (media)

6. Texas

7. Oklahoma

8. Nebraska

Receiving votes:

32. Missouri

36. Texas A&M

37. Texas Tech

40. Kansas State

41. Oklahoma State

45. Baylor

USA Today/ESPN (coaches)

4. Texas

8. Nebraska

9. Oklahoma

25. Missouri

Receiving votes:

28. Oklahoma State

34. Texas Tech

46. Texas A&M

50. Kansas State

  • First thing that jumps out: Nine Big 12 teams received votes in at least one poll this week. That, folks, is pretty good. Granted, Baylor got just one No. 25 vote (Joe Giglio, Raleigh News & Observer), but still. The Big 12 is showing some nice depth, and if Baylor at least loses a close game at TCU on Saturday, I'd be pretty willing to throw them into the mix of teams with real chances to make some noise later this season.

  • A quick note: The Big 12 also has the highest win percentage of any league currently, with a 21-3 (.875) record.

  • Texas, Nebraska and Oklahoma are separated by 27 and 40 points, but the order's not too surprising. Even with big wins, it's hard to move up unless teams above you lose. Texas is also helped by a first-place vote from Scott Wolf at the Los Angeles Daily News.

  • I mentioned this on Twitter over the weekend, but Missouri sliding into the Top 25 after being ranked 34th in receiving votes last week wasn't that surprising. I didn't plan on having them in my top 25 (which I posted at the bottom of this post), but when I started filling out teams at the bottom of the poll, it became pretty obvious that a lot of teams above them lost. To get in the poll, Missouri jumped Virginia Tech, Florida State, Georgia Tech, Georgia, BYU, Pittsburgh, Oklahoma State, North Carolina and Clemson. Of that group, only Clemson and Oklahoma State are 2-0. So while some around Missouri were scratching their heads as to how a win over an FCS team means a jump in the polls, it didn't have a whole lot to do with what happened on Faurot Field on Saturday. I don't have any explanation for the discrepancy between the two polls.

  • Only nine (up from three in Week 2) of the 59 voters had Missouri in their ballot, but the Tigers probably have Ray Ratto to thank for the spot in the media poll. He had the Tigers at No. 12, six spots higher than any other voter. (A special thanks to Pollspeak.com for the voter data.)

  • Like I've mentioned in the power rankings, a lot of variance in how people voted Nos. 4-8 in the Big 12. No surprise there. Those teams are all very close.

Finally, here's my ballot for ESPN.com's Power Rankings.

1. Alabama

2. Ohio State

3. Boise State

4. TCU

5. Oregon

6. Oklahoma

7. Florida

8. Texas

9. Nebraska

10. Iowa

11. Wisconsin

12. Arkansas

13. USC

14. LSU

15. Utah

16. South Carolina

17. Stanford

18. Miami

19. Michigan

20. Arizona

21. Auburn

22. Houston

23. Penn State

24. Florida State

25. Missouri