College coaching has its perks

ESPN's new blog, "The File Blog," has unearthed plenty of interesting things in its short life over the last few weeks, but it took a long look into the perks of college coaching earlier this week.

You need ESPN insider to read the whole thing, but you can download the full written contracts of Big 12 coaches Mack Brown, Turner Gill, Gary Pinkel, Bob Stoops and former Big 12 coach Gene Chizik, now at Auburn.

The File Blog is talking perks, and here are a few of the things that come with coaching in the Big 12:

  • Texas' Mack Brown gets $875,000 for talking X's and O's on radio and TV for fans.

  • Oklahoma's Bob Stoops gets 45 hours of private flight time, one of just four coaches nationally who have clauses in their contracts for personal, nonbusiness travel.

  • Most coaches' contracts provide them a car, and Kansas' Turner Gill is among 31 coaches who are provided two.

All really interesting stuff, and I'd encourage you to check it out.

Finally, the knee-jerk reaction but plenty of folks when they see this type of thing is OMG! WHAT!, but before you decide to make one of these coaches your own personal Jim Calhoun, please also consider the amount of money that successful football programs produce.