Going inside the Longhorns' program

Want to know what a game week is like at Texas?

Colleague Pat Forde takes you inside the week surrounding the Longhorns' season opener against Rice. All kinds of good stuff in there, and here's an excerpt:

"Raise your hand if you played with as much passion and emotion as you ever have in a football game," Brown says, then looks out and counts the hands.

There were six.

"How much do you like being at Texas and like being a football player?" Brown continues. "Some of you like being at Texas more than you've earned the right to be here.

"I was embarrassed for myself. I was embarrassed for some of my coaches, not all. I was embarrassed for some of you players, not all. … It was kind of embarrassing.

"Boy, I'm scared. I'm worried about this team. I'm worried about it.

"We've got some entitlement in this room. Got to get that fixed. Got some selfishness in this room. Got to get that fixed. This isn't Texas football.

"What concerns me, we've got guys in this room who have won too easy. … You're ranked the fifth-best team in the country and we just played OK. We have not earned that ranking."

For all the people who have labeled him "Mack the Nice" -- too soft on his players to make them as good as they can be -- this was an illustrative moment. He wasn't very nice.

Not mean. Not browbeating. Not profane or insulting or bullying.

But certainly not nice.

Take some time, head over and check out the rest.