Cody Green's injury provides Zac Lee with early advantage

Posted by ESPN.com's Tim Griffin

Even though Cody Green's early injury will only be for the first several practices, it provides Zac Lee with another opportunity to jump into the early driver's seat for Nebraska's starting quarterback.

Nebraska coach Bo Pelini announced Tuesday that Green will miss several early practices with a soft tissue injury in his hip. Lee, Kody Spano, converted junior linebacker Latravis Washington and walk-on Ron Kellogg Jr. will share snaps while Green is away.

Pelini said Tuesday that the arrival of Washington at the position is critical to get enough throwers to cover Nebraska's early practices. The Cornhuskers begin their spring work on Wednesday.

"It doesn't affect us that much and the guys that are ready to go will be out there tomorrow," Pelini said. "I think it will be good in some respects because it makes sure the guys out there will get a bunch of reps. And that's what we need."

Despite Pelini's apparent lack of concern about Green's injury, it can't help him as he tries to compete for the starting job from the early days in camp.

Several Cornhuskers said Tuesday that have been impressed with his presence and command in the huddle despite his youth.

"He's a big kid with a deep voice," junior running back Quentin Castille said. "His voice is deeper than mine."

But most expect Lee to win the starting job because of his experience working with the offense.

"He's a perfect fit for what the coaches are looking for," senior defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh said. "He'll have to earn the job .... but it's his to lose. The way he's been working in Coach (offensive coordinator Shawn) Watson's office, I don't think he'll lose. He'll just gain confidence in himself and make progress going through the drills."