New impact players, T-Magic and North race

So you missed today's chat? Here's a few highlights.

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Gerald in Haversford asked: Are there any new impact players in the Big XII? Ones we didn't know about at season's beginning?

David Ubben: The short list is Nebraska's Taylor Martinez, Texas' Jackson Jeffcoat, Kansas' Daymond Patterson, Oklahoma's Tony Jefferson and Missouri's T.J. Moe. We probably "knew" about all of them, but all five have far exceeded the impact I thought they'd have in 2010.

Aaron in Lincoln, NE asked: David, is it safe to say that Taylor Martinez is the real deal, or are you still waiting to see him against Big XII defenses?

DU: I'm buying on Martinez. He may not be as effective against Big 12 defenses, but Texas is the only team that has a shot to completely bottle him up, and I don't know if I'd bet on that.

Ryan in Lincoln asked: How big is the gap between Nebraska, Missouri and KSU at the top of the north division?

DU: Nebraska and Missouri seem like they're in completely different leagues. I thought Missouri was reasonably close, but Nebraska's looked a lot better than I thought they'd be, and Missouri hasn't been as good. K-State has been about what I thought they were. They're pretty close to Missouri right now.

Nate in Lincoln asked: Can you please, please explain your logic in ranking Nebraska third behind OU and Texas? I just want to know what justifies them to still top the Huskers after they looked so good on the road.

DU: It's basically down to this: Winning at Texas Tech and beating FSU the way Oklahoma did at home are better than anything Nebraska has done. But there's almost no distinction between the three teams. Consider them my co-No. 1. Seriously. Nebraska deserves credit for bringing it all three weeks, which Oklahoma hasn't done, and Texas to a lesser extent, but don't worry about it right now. You can see how close they are in the polls.