Corey Wilson improving in his recovery, Stoops says

Posted by ESPN.com's Tim Griffin

There was some good news about the condition of Oklahoma wide receiver Corey Wilson, who was critically injured in an automobile accident three weeks ago.

Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops told reporters that Wilson is improving and could be released from the Jim Thorpe Rehabilitation Center in Oklahoma City as early as the first week of April.

"He's making good progress and continues to get stronger," Stoops said. "I saw him this morning. The rehab and the way he is working and continues to make good progress, they're hopeful he'll be able to be released from the Thorpe rehab center April 3. He's had a positive attitude with all his work every day."

Wilson remains paralyzed from the waist down after suffering life threatening injuries after an automobile accident on Interstate 35 on Feb. 27 near Paul's Valley, Okla., about 35 miles southwest of Norman.

Dallas Morning News columnist Jean Jacques Taylor wrote an uplifting story about how Wilson's older brother, Travis, a practice-squad wide receiver with the Dallas Cowboys, is coping with his brother's paralysis.

Corey Wilson is convinced he will walk one day. He's moved one of his toes and has sensations in his hips. And in his rear end, too, if he's on his back for too long.

"He knows he's going to walk," Travis Wilson told the News. "We respect the doctors and their profession, but the only one who knows is the man upstairs.

"Corey is going to walk again. It might take two weeks. Or three weeks. Or six months. Or 10 years. But it's going to happen."

Wilson has had frequent visitors from his teammates and Oklahoma coaches. Stoops has been a regular visitor for breakfast on many days.

"I try to mix it up," Stoops told the News. "I've been to Sonic quite a bit. Carl Jr.'s. Bakers. Burger King. We've sat through quite a few breakfasts together.

"We had a lunch date today, but we had to cancel because of some of the rehab work he had to do. Now we're graduating to lunches and dinners."

Some day, the Sooner Nation and the rest of us around the Big 12 hope and pray that Wilson will be able to walk again.