Sherman defends A&M-Arkansas ticket prices

Posted by ESPN.com's Tim Griffin

There's been a lot of controversy about the $300 tickets for top seats to the Arkansas-Texas A&M game Oct. 3 at the new Dallas Cowboys' stadium in Arlington, Texas.

The ticket price is believed to be the highest ever charged for a regular-season Big 12 game. Those $300 club seats for A&M fans will include a $175 required donation to A&M's 12th Man Foundation.

A&M coach Mike Sherman defended the ticket price last week when asked by reporters if he thought that the steep ticket price is merited.

"It's two great universities and the start of something really special as far as the matchup between those two teams," Sherman told reporters last week. "I've thought that Texas and Oklahoma have had something special and I think that Texas A&M and Arkansas are going to have a similar thing. I think that in itself is worth it."

Sherman even said he would pay the money if he was fan, particularly for the opportunity to see the celebrated bells and whistles at the new facility along with the two old rivals.

"I think that going into that stadium which is without a doubt one of the most elite stadiums ever built in the world ... I think that is a plus as well. Yeah, I probably would pay the $300."

It will be interesting to see how many A&M and Arkansas fans agree with Sherman, particularly with the economy struggling as much as it is.

And that's besides the fact that the two teams combined for a 9-15 record last season. Both lost to Texas by a combined score of 101-19 -- Arkansas losing by a 52-10 score and Texas A&M dropping a 49-9 contest.