Texas defense proving vulnerable

AUSTIN, Texas -- Texas needed big plays to start the second half if it wanted to rebound from a 10-point deficit.

Instead, UCLA is producing the big plays and took a 27-6 lead on a 38-yard touchdown run from Kevin Prince. That drive was set up by a Bruins kick return to midfield.

The Bruins also scored a touchdown on an 80-yard drive to kick off the second half.

Texas now needs even more big plays on defense to spring a comeback. But with a three-touchdown lead and an offense that doesn't need to do much more to win, UCLA may not provide them with many opportunities.

Texas opened the second half with six passes to just two runs on its first drive that ended in a field goal. Expect that trend to continue Saturday, but we'll see if it continues next week. For now, the deficit has made opening up the offense a necessity.