Examining ESPN.com's power rankings

Texas was college football's big mover in the polls this week, including in ESPN.com's power rankings -- a poll of 20 ESPN editors, writers and on-air personalities. Here's how it shook out:

6. Nebraska

7. Oklahoma

21. Texas

Others receiving votes:

28. Missouri

30. Oklahoma State

32. Kansas State

33. Texas A&M

A couple notes:

  • Texas obviously took a tumble, but only columnist Ivan Maisel kicked the Horns entirely off his ballot. A few others slotted Texas at No. 25.

  • Oklahoma and Nebraska are very, very close. Eleven voters had Nebraska higher on their ballot. Nine voters had Oklahoma higher. You can really make a strong case for either, and the poll reflects that.

  • The loss to Texas has kept Texas Tech from getting any votes, but I write every week that the other four undefeated teams in the Big 12 are almost interchangeable. They all have survived scares and all been impressive at other times. Their tight proximity in our poll should only reinforce that. A game like Texas A&M had against FIU is going to be enough to bump them to No. 8 in my rankings, whereas a game like Oklahoma State had against Tulsa will be enough to give them the bump to No. 4. No teams have come closer to having a loss than the Aggies and Missouri. It doesn't take a lot to move within that group. They're all fringe Top 25 teams right now who either belong just inside or outside the polls. They'll almost certainly sort themselves out a little bit as we get into conference play.

Finally, here's my vote (actual ranking in parentheses):

1. Alabama (1)

2. Ohio State (2)

3. TCU (5)

4. Boise State (3)

5. Oregon (4)

6. Oklahoma (7)

7. Nebraska (6)

8. Florida (8)

9. Wisconsin (11)

10. LSU (15)

11. Auburn (10)

12. Stanford (9)

13. USC (18)

14. Arizona (12)

15. Utah (13)

16. Miami (14)

17. Arkansas (16)

18. Iowa (17)

19. Michigan (20)

20. Texas (21)

21. Penn State (26)

22. Florida State (25)

23. South Carolina (19)

24. Michigan State (22)

25. Nevada (23)