Freshman mistake buries Texas

DALLAS -- Texas had forced Oklahoma into its fifth consecutive punt after forcing an incompletion on 3rd-and-20. But freshman defensive end Jackson Jeffcoat got in a late shove and gave Oklahoma a first down.

Two plays later, Oklahoma running back DeMarco Murray tightroped along the Oklahoma sideline before diving over the pylon for a 20-yard touchdown -- his second of the game -- that put Oklahoma up 28-10 early in the fourth quarter.

For the second time this half, a mistake on the defensive line came with a big cost to Texas.

Jeffcoat forced a fumble while sacking Landry Jones and the Longhorns recovered deep inside Oklahoma territory, but an offside penalty by Eddie Jones erased it.

Texas was already the underdog in this game. Mistakes like that have kept the Longhorns from mounting a charge in the second half, and allowed Oklahoma to further distance itself.

Considering Texas has put up just 10 points in the game's first three quarters, erasing an 18-point deficit in the game's final 12 minutes looks unlikely.