Tigers, Aggies on different searches

Scan either Top-25 poll and you'll find as many as eight teams with losses ahead of Missouri. In the media poll, they're the nation's lowest-ranked undefeated team. Only 6-0 Nevada ranks below them among undefeated teams, according to the coaches.

Schedules or otherwise, Missouri is running low on respect in this young season.

Through five games, Texas A&M doesn't have a cute little number by its name, but it does have three wins, countered by a pair of losses to ranked teams.

Schedules or otherwise, Texas A&M is running low on wins in this young season.

"It was tough, but we’re ready to bounce back," said Texas A&M linebacker Von Miller. "There's a lot of disappointment. We were expecting big things out of this season, and those two games were included in all our plans. But we still can achieve big things. We’ve still got our goals up on the board and those two losses have been disappointing, but we’re confident we can turn things around."

Among those goals are winning the Big 12, still a possibility with just one conference loss. Win all their games at Kyle Field (3-0 so far) and bring excitement back to Texas A&M football.

"It came down to a couple plays here and there, and a couple plays is the difference between us being 3-2 or 5-0," said Texas A&M coach Mike Sherman. "If you make those plays, you probably feel different about yourself, and in reality, they could define your season, but at the same time, they shouldn't define who you are."

Any one of Jerrod Johnson's five turnovers against Oklahoma State may have swing the three-point loss in their favor. Convert one more third down and finish 7-of-17 instead of 6-of-17 and maybe it keeps a drive alive that provides a game-changing score to knock off a top-10 team in Arkansas, who beat the Aggies by a touchdown.

"We’re all very confident in what type of team we are, and it really doesn’t matter what everybody else thinks about us," Miller said. "As long as the coaches and the players, as long as we have a common goal in here and we’re all one with the same mindset, we’ll be alright."

Missouri wants more respect and Texas A&M wants another much-needed win. Only one can get what it wants, but those few plays could once again who leaves Kyle Field on Saturday feeling satisfied.

"We’re still the same team we were we’re the same team that Coach Sherman builds us up," Miller said. "We’re right there, we just need to keep pushing to get over the hump. We’re right there at the hump, we just need to keep on pushing."