Sherman fires back at Leach

Posted by ESPN.com's Tim Griffin

Texas A&M coach Mike Sherman had some comments late Tuesday in response to Mike Leach's recent blasts about the Aggies and how they handled the college career of former quarterback Stephen McGee.

Here's what Sherman had to say in a prepared statement:

"There's nothing Mike Leach could ever say that would offend me.

"I do find it unfortunate, however, that a college coach feels the need to question the handling of a player by a staff particularly without any knowledge of the facts or the extent of a player's injury. It is equally bothersome that a football coach would question the draft status of a player. This doesn't make any sense to me.

"I have stated numerous times before the draft I thought Stephen McGee was a late third or early fourth-round pick. It is apparent the Dallas Cowboys felt the same way. It was a great pick."

Like I said earlier today, Oct. 24 and the game between the Aggies and Red Raiders in Lubbock can't come quickly enough.