Key third downs putting Longhorns behind

Iowa State just threw its second touchdown pass of the game to take a 21-6 lead late in third quarter.

Most notable: It came on third down, just like the first one.

Across the field, Texas has had two third downs inside Cyclones' 5-yard line and another in the red zone. They didn't convert any of them and have just six points to show for those drives after a missed field goal at the end of the half.

For as many moving parts as there are in the game of football, sometimes it's that simple. Iowa State's senior quarterback, Austen Arnaud, has made plays in tight spots on third downs.

Texas' sophomore first-year starter, Garrett Gilbert, hasn't. If any of those plays go the other way, it's a very different game. Worse, he's thrown a pair of interceptions, including one in the end zone on a 2nd-and-10 that could have changed the game as well.

Instead, the Longhorns are in a big hole and need a big play from somewhere to climb out.