Blackmon working Amukamara early

Coming into today's game, Nebraska cornerback Prince Amukamara had been thrown at just 19 times, and given up four completions.

Oklahoma State receiver Justin Blackmon already had a 36-yard reception earlier in the game, and helped Oklahoma State take a 27-24 lead late in the second quarter with an 80-yard touchdown on a pass out of a flea flicker from Brandon Weeden.

Before that play, Oklahoma State's passing game hadn't been at its usual pace, but Kendall Hunter is leading the Cowboys offense, on track for a career performance against Nebraska.

He's carried he ball 15 times for 141 yards, and his longest gain is only 29 yards. He's getting it done consistently, and the Cowboys are showing Nebraska why teams have had so much trouble stopping them this year.

I figured Amukamara could limit Blackmon's effectiveness today, based mostly on how he'd performed throughout last season against top wideouts, but also based on how well he'd played early this season. Blackmon is far exceeding what any of those guys did, and the most obvious reason why is because Blackmon is better than all of those receivers.

And Amukamara.

Amukamara hasn't let him get his hands on the ball often -- Blackmon has three catches for 129 yards -- but when he has, those catches have had a huge impact.

This game's going to have plenty more points, and looks headed for a great finish.