Nebraska, Texas rank in top 10 in spring game attendance

Posted by ESPN.com's Tim Griffin

Two Big 12 schools ranked among the nation's top 10 in spring game attendance after the completion of games across the country last weekend:

  • Nebraska, with the nation's third-largest attendance for a spring game, attracting 77,670.

  • Texas ranked ninth with their estimated crowd of 44,000.

The Cornhuskers were one of only four teams to attract more than 70,000 to their spring game, joining Ohio State (95,722), Alabama (84,050) and Penn State (76,500).

The most impressive factor in the Nebraska turnout were that most fans paid $10 to watch the game -- more than at virtually any other spring game across the country.

Here's a look at those games that attracted more than 30,000 nationally. Big 12 teams are highlighted in bold.

Ohio State: 95,722
Alabama: 84,050
Nebraska: 77,670
Penn State: 76,500
Florida: 65,000
Tennessee: 51,488
Michigan: 50,000
Auburn: 45,381
Texas: 44,000
Georgia: 42,458
Virginia Tech: 41,000
Florida State: 36,000
Mississippi State: 31,606
Notre Dame: 31,104
LSU: 30,000
Arkansas: 30,000

And with the completion of the Big 12's spring games with Kansas State's game last weekend, here's a ranking of the Big 12 spring games in terms of attendance.

Several announced attendances are estimated and were provided by the schools. Baylor conducted its spring scrimmage at the Highers Athletic Complex rather than Floyd Casey Stadium, explaining why no attendance was listed for the Bears' spring game.

Nebraska: 77,670
Texas: 44,000 (est.)
Oklahoma: 28,592
Kansas: 17,000 (est.)
Missouri: 13,122
Kansas State: 12,804
Texas Tech: 12,500 (est.)
Oklahoma State: 12,000 (est.)
Colorado: 11,700 (est.)
Texas A&M: 8,000 (est.)
Iowa State: 7,000 (est.)
Baylor: N/A