Thoughts on this week's BCS standings

First things first, here's how it breaks down in the only rankings that count, with lots of computer input, as well as a bit from some coaches:

6. Missouri

9. Oklahoma

14. Nebraska

17. Oklahoma State

25. Baylor

27. Kansas State

39. Texas

And a few thoughts:

  • No reason not to start at the top. The computers have Missouri as the nation's No. 2, and after being unranked in the Billingsley rating last week, the Tigers rank 10th there. The coaches rank the Tigers eighth, and Missouri is No. 8 in the Harris poll. Check out how Missouri ranks in the other five computer polls versus No. 1 Auburn.

  • Missouri: 2, 2, 1, 1, 3.

  • Auburn: 1, 1, 2, 3, 1. Auburn ranks No. 2 in the Billingley rating.

  • This all won't matter in a week for Missouri, though. The Tigers will either get another huge boost with a road win at Nebraska, or fall off the national stage with a loss (and hand the Huskers the keys to the North).

  • Remember how Baylor ended up in both polls earlier Sunday? That's not because humans love the Bears' furry mascot. The Bears make an appearance in three computer polls, which is also helped by the team's No. 24 ranking in the coaches poll.