Nebraska a hotbed for offensive line talent

Nebraska doesn't produce the loads of FBS talent that Texas, Florida, California and Ohio are known for. But the state's best prospects are most often offensive linemen, writes Craig Haubert of ESPN Recruiting, offering an analysis of the talent inside Nebraska state lines.

Haubert writes:

Nebraska has never produced more than one ESPNU 150 prospect in any class, and the state usually only sees about 5-10 prospects sign with an FBS program in any given class. The pickings may be limited, but the state does produce some good offensive linemen. Since the ESPNU 150 began in 2006, the top player in the state has been an offensive lineman four times, and three of the state's four 150 prospects over that same span have resided in the trenches. When you think about the great Cornhuskers teams in the past, led by their rushing attacks and big offensive lines, it is not shocking that the state would be best at turning out big men.

That's the case again this year, and offensive lineman Ryne Reeves looks like the state's top prospect for 2011.

Nebraska obviously dominates the in-state recruiting, but a few other teams do well recruiting the state, too. Here's more from Haubert on where talent in Nebraska is seeing success.