Nebraska trying to limit avoidable miscues

Nebraska's only loss of the season, a home defeat to Texas, was full of mistakes, especially from the offense. Receiver Niles Paul doesn't need a reminder of that.

There were the handful of dropped passes, including a few by Paul. The five fumbles -- though just one was lost--were troubling as well.

But if there's one thing positive to take away from an emotionally crushing 20-13 loss to Texas, it's that Nebraska can reasonably feel like it has yet to lose to a team not named Nebraska.

It bounced back from one of its sloppiest offensive performances against the Longhorns to one of its best and most balanced in a 51-41 win over Oklahoma State.

"We were in and adverse situation coming off the Texas game and I know the offense took a lot of crap from the Texas game," said Paul, who was inundated with so many negative Facebook messages after the game he shut down his account. Fans also harassed him outside the stadium after the game. "We just came out and played with a chip on our shoulder and had a good game," Paul said.

To beat No. 6 Missouri on Saturday, Nebraska has to avoid the same mistakes it made against the Longhorns, mistakes that are most-often among the most frustrating: self-inflicted mistakes.

"We do our ball drills, keep it high and tight and we do what we need to do. If you fumble, you’ve got to do this or that, so it’s pretty much the same," Paul said. "When it comes to drops, that’s definitely out of character for us. We make an effort to catch at least 100 balls a day."

Look for an emphasis on making sure Texas: The Sequel never makes it to the big screen at Memorial Stadium on Saturday.

Missouri has forced 17 turnovers in seven games this year, third-most in the Big 12.

"They get after the football, and that’s something we always emphasize. You’ve got to keep working on it, and they want to take the football away, so that’s always a concern," said coach Bo Pelini. "I think we’re getting better there. It’s something you’ve got to do, constantly preach, constantly talk about and get it done."